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Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery "F" - International Medical School

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The main goal is to train medical doctors that are not only well prepared, but also able to take care of human beings both in the state of well-being and illness. It is task of a modern European degree program to maintain the unity of knowledge, linking technical and scientific competencies to humanistic skills and to the capability to handle the complex, modern and expensive system of public health. The main interest remains the protection of the human being, her/his dignity and psycho-physical integrity, using an international perspective and a global health approach.
The opinions and the potential suggestions of our students concerning the course organization and the quality of teaching are essential tools and are highly appreciated. They are of high importance for the correct functioning and the future development of the degree program. Students’ evaluations of the courses, that are mandatory by law for all Italian public universities, could be done easily on-line. Of course privacy is guaranteed within the whole process.
Our goal is the continuous improvement of the teaching activity in the degree program, the offered services and its organization.
Our wish, that we would like to renew with sincerity to all of you, is that we may proceed successfully in this difficult, but inspiring process of knowledge and life.