This is an unconventional teaching module which aims at joining quantitative modelling skills with real case studies. It is divided into modular units which are taught by academic and non academic instructors. There is a strong emphasis on exploiting quantitative analysis and methodology on case-study problems without overlooking other important soft skills in planning the solution and presenting the final results. Teaching calendar of lectures will be not regular and interested students should contact <> for more details.

a.y. 2019/2020 Unit 1 - Data Science at ENEL (starts on Thursday 12 September at 9:00 - Room 13 - CU007 - ends on Tuesday 2 October)

                                                                          (next dates: 14-15-16 January 2020 - full immersion)

a.y. 2019/2020 Unit 2 - Integration in Decision Modelling (starts on Monday 25 November at 16:00 - Room V - fourth floor - Department of Statistics - CU002 Building)