Molecular Biology - Physics LM-17 - 1044546


The Molecular Biology course is designed to provide students the conceptual and methodological basis required to study the molecular mechanisms regulating gene expression in physiological and pathological conditions, including epigenetics.Besides RNA metabolism, the course will introduce the most relevant techniques of DNA cloning, DNA and RNA manipulation and the applications of Genetic Engineering to basic research and biomedicine. Topics discussed will also include the recent generation of sequencing technologies in light of their importance for the recent annotation of emerging noncoding RNA genes. The discovery of long noncoding and circular RNAs will be also discussed as well as the in vivoapproaches used to study their functional role (practical examples taken from recent literature will be used). The course will include lectures and seminars.

By the end of the course, students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the study of the basic mechanisms of gene expression, as well as of complex processes such as development, cell division and differentiation, and to exploit them for a practical use in both basic and applied research.

Instructor: Monica Ballarino 

Time schedule: Tue/Thu, 14:00-16:00

Start: 02/03/2021

Lectures will be held in the classroom Aula A (Daniel Bovet) located in the building of Fisiologia Generale e Antropologia (CU026) in blended mode (Zoom Platform) #sapienzanonsiferma