Statistical Methods and Applications

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Master programme overview

Data management and analysis, i.e. Statistics, is pervasive in any modern professional activity. SMA - Statistical Methods and Applications - is the acronym of the brand-new two-year Master of Science (in Italian Laurea Magistrale) delivered by the Department of Statistical Science (DSS). DSS is the largest Department of Statistics in Italy and its faculty members enjoy international reputation in teaching and research. DSS hosts one of the most powerful computing resources at Sapienza University of Rome.

The Master programme is entirely held in English. It provides students with specific statistical skills through a suitable mix of advanced data modelling methodologies and hand-on professional training to address complex scientific and socio-economic problems. Students are prepared to handle the overall data management process: collection, analysis, interpretation, decision making. Specific attention is devoted to methods for Big Data Analysis and their applications to relevant domains with a specific emphasis on economic phenomena. Starting from a common base of Statistics, Probability and Computing, the Master programme aims at delivering a solid and highly marketable statistical and quantitative training in the interpretation of real-world phenomena and support of decision-making.

Students can choose one of the following study plans:

• [QE] Quantitative Economics
• [OS] Official Statistics (EMOS - European Master in Official Statistics label)
• [DA] Data Analyst (with optional path for Double Degree with Université Paris Dauphine)

All these three study plans (curricula) prepare professionals for careers in consulting companies, industry and State agencies as well as candidates for PhD programmes in Statistics, Quantitative Economics and Econometrics, Data Science.
Mandatory and elective courses are displayed in the following overview of the study plans. A more datailed list with credits, semester schedule and other constraints is available in the following downloadable brochure and at Students can alternatively submit their own individual study plan to the Master programme board.

Selection process

Selection process to enrol in the Statistical Methods and Applications Master programme requires:

Academic background: at least an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree with a solid foundation in Calculus, Probability and Statistics, some computing skills and basic knowledge of programming. The academic background of international students (EU and non EU) is assessed by a Prospective Student Selection Committee based on the documentation provided by the student (see below). The Committee may also request an interview with the prospective student via Skype or other services. Italian candidates holding a Bachelor Degree in Statistics or Actuarial Sciences (Italian Laurea Degree L-41) are automatically
accepted. Italian candidates with at least 60 ECTS in the subject areas corresponding to the Ministerial Scientific Sectors labelled as are automatically accepted.

English language skills: The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) English Language proficiency certification. Note that certified minimum level B2 (within Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent is required. English language level can be also ascertained during the preliminary remote (Skype) interview.

Documentation: the following general documents about the university background of the candidate must be submitted:
– a transcript of records (list of exams, with material covered and grades obtained)
The following documents, although not required, will constitute a positive element in the evaluation for admission to the SMA programme:
– Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative-weighted Grade Point Average (CGPA) higher than 75% of its maximum
– GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General test, or Subject Tests in Math/Physics higher than 75% of its maximum
– up to two recommendation letters
– a motivation letter

Pre-selection Application

Application period for the Academic Year 2019/2020 will start on November 15th, 2018. The on-line portal will be soon available here.

All students applying for admission to Sapienza degree programmes and are accepted in the pre-selection application should complete this process. Please note: the pre-application process does NOT replace or substitute the embassy-based pre-enrolment process for Non-EU students (see: Admissions)

Students should:

• request a Student Login Code to access the on-line pre-selection application form

• submit the on-line pre-selection application and upload the following documents

1. Copy of your passport (pdf)
2. English language certificates (optional)
3. Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplement (pdf)
4. Letters of Recommendation
5. Passport Photograph (see requirements below)

Photo requirements
Your passport photo must be:
• in color
• square sized 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)
• taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
• taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
• with a neutral facial expression (preferred) or a natural smile, and with both eyes open

SMA selection stage

Application period for the Academic Year 2019/2020 will start on November 15th, 2018. The on-line portal will be soon available here.


    Non-EU residents: April 15th, 2019
        Applications received from November 2018 to December 7th, 2018 will be evaluated approximately by December 21st, 2018
        Applications received from December 8th, 2018 to January 18th, 2019 will be evaluated approximately by February 1st, 2019
        Applications received from January 19th, 2019 to March 8th, 2019 will be evaluated approximately by March 22nd, 2019
        Last minute applications: from March 9th, 2019 to April 15th, 2019 will be evaluated by April 30th, 2019.

    EU residents: September 15th, 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: the number of available positions may be limited, therefore, please apply as soon as possible.

- Students who have not yet completed their course of study, but expect to complete it by August 2019, can in any case apply to the Master program by supplying an official document from their university confirming the expected graduation date. This document will only be a temporary substitute for the official copy of the final diploma.


For general information of pre-enrolment procedures send an email to

• Administration:

You can also address more specific questions on the programme to:
• Prof. Fulvio De Santis [Master Programme Director]:
• Prof. Stefano Fachin [QE curriculum]:
• Prof. Agostino Di Ciaccio [OS curriculum]:
• Prof. Luca Tardella [DA curriculum]:

(*) Italian Degree Name Laurea Magistrale 

(**) Key words: Master of Statistics; Master in Quantitative Economics; Master in Official Statistics; Department of Statistics; Msc; Data Science; Data Analyst