N.B. Starting from 2018, this course is paired with "Biochemistry I" of the Bachelors Programme in Bioinformatics.

Please refer to the latter for teaching resources: 

Aims of this course

-Provide students with the tools
necessary for a detailed and critique analysis of the structure of proteins and
their macromolecular complexes.
course consists of lessons and lectures that cover the main topics of the
program, and practical sessions. Practical sessions are carried out in a
computer room with the use of open source software for the visualization of the
tridimensional structure of macromolecules.
textbooks, students have access to lectures' slides, scientific articles, and
other teaching resources made available trough the e-learning web site
the end of the course students will have acquired the skills necessary to deal
with the analysis and experimental study of biological macromolecules.
will learn how to retrieve protein and nucleic acid coordinates from
the PDB database, recognize the fold and use software for a detailed analysis
of their structure.