Molecular biology I

General goals

The course aims to introduce the students to the links between DNA, RNA and protein structure and their relevant biological functions with particular emphasis on the bioinformatic approaches to their analysis.

Specific goals

1.Knowledge and comprehension: the students will have to know the molecular mechanisms which regulate cellular homeostasis and gene expression and the most utilized methodologies in Molecular Biology.

2.Ability in applying Knowledge and comprehension: the students will have to be able to apply this knowledge in the discussion of specific arguments of recent and general interest with a particular focus on the bioinformatic approaches.

3.Abilities in judging methodologic approaches and communication skill: The students will have to show skills in judging strategies in biological problems solving and to communicate their conclusions to the teacher and to the colleagues. This is also applicable to the practical training sessions.

4.The students will have to show skill in applying what they have learned in molecular biology to specific problems to be solved with a bioinformatic approach.