Ecosystem Approach for Biodiversity Conservation

Approccio Ecosistemico alla Conservazione della Biodiversità

 Tuesday 16.00-18.00 - Room D - Department of Environmental Biology

Martedì 16.00-18.00 - Aula D - Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale

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 Friday 16.00-18.00 - "Giacomini" Room - Department of Environmental Biology

Venerdì 16.00-18.00 - Aula Giacomini - Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale

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The course aims to investigate the main causes of
biodiversity loss through the theoretical and practical application of the
Ecosystemic Approach as defined by the International Union for Conservation of

Specific case studies presented during the course:

• Alteration and destruction of habitats

• Fragmentation of habitats

•Climate changes impact on biodiversity

• Habitat degradation and pollution

• Species overexploitation

• Invasions of alien species

• Desertification processes

Students will select a case study from relevant
scientific literature, which will be used to prepare a paper to present at the exam.