Measurements is a course for Master students in Mechanical Engineering taught
in English. Thanks to a theoretical and practical approach, at the end of the
course students will develop the ability to implement principles of mechanical
and thermal measurements in practical applications for

engineer is an important and widely diffused profile in industry. He/she is in
charge of applying theory and methodologies of metrology for product quality
assurance, process monitoring, process control and optimization. This course
builds on knowledge acquired during the Mechanical and thermal measurement
course, and extends it on the practical aspects that lead engineers to the
complete development of testing and control platforms for industrial

After an
introduction on characteristics and use of transducers, the course focuses on
signal processing techniques, and finally on the digitizing process of a
signal. Analog to digital conversion boards will be explained in all theoretical
and practical aspects, to understand a fundamental part of modern test
engineering, based on PC processing and visualization of measurement

During the
second part of the course two core parts of knowledge of NI LabVIEW software, a
widely used object-oriented programming environment, specifically developed for
test engineering, will be taught. In parallel, the course will teach students
on the use of an A/D board for signal acquisition directly running on their own
laptops, the NI myDAQ board. Lab sessions will be a consistent part of the
course and will enhance practical ability of students in test engineering.

sessions will concern a wide range of physical quantities, specifically
focusing on temperature, distance and rotation. Experience in using
thermometers, Infra-red distance sensors, encoders and IMUs will be achieved.