Points of the Course:

1.     What is Identity? An examination of the construct's
general definitions and the concept of post-modern identity.

2.     Determinants of Gender Identity: An exploration of the sexual and
social components that constitute gender identity.

3.     Gender Segregation/Gender
analysis of how gender segregation manifests within the family, school, and
broader society, examining its implications for individual development and
societal norms.

4.     Psychosexual Development: A comprehensive overview of the
stages of psychosexual development as proposed by psychoanalytic theories,
focusing on how these stages influence the formation of gender identity and
sexual orientation.

5.     Female Identity: An investigation into the
development, characteristics, and societal expectations of female identity,
considering the influence of biological, psychological, and socio-cultural

6.     Male Identity: A parallel exploration of male
identity, focusing on its formation, societal roles, and the challenges faced
by individuals in reconciling personal identity with societal expectations.

7.     Gender Incongruence, Gender
in-depth look at the concepts of gender incongruence and gender creativity,
exploring the diversity of gender experiences beyond traditional binary

8.     Gender Dysphoria, Body Dysphoria,
Social Dysphoria:

An examination of the experiences of gender dysphoria, body dysphoria, and
social dysphoria, including their psychological impacts and the importance of
supportive interventions.

9.     Nonbinary Identities: A detailed discussion on nonbinary
identities, challenging traditional gender binaries and exploring the spectrum
of gender identity.