This one-semester lettorato (lost in translation) course in the second year of your magistrale (sort of lost in translation) accompanies the course Advanced English taught by Viviana Gaballo, LIN 54 (I think?), and is exclusively a translation workshop offering you the chance to practice translating with other students in the classroom. 

      Not a bad idea, considering all the work you'll be doing with the docente. Fun, too, and nothing to do at home, unless you can't come to class. The night before the class, I'll be putting up a passage in English on the website padlet, along with a link to the padlet page. That's where, the next day -- not for homework -- students will be translating the passage in groups and then posting them on the padlet. The following class, we go over and compare the translations. Believe it or not, this turns out to be very entertaining. I promise.

     On a more serious note, your final exam with me is indeed a translation of a passage into the best Italian you can give me. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not mother-tongue Italian, please write to me and we'll arrange a different kind of exam.

       Have only seen one of you so far, and do hope to see a few more next Tuesday morning at (GASP) the Vetreria Sciarra at ten!