Fashion Design is a course dedicated to investigated the technological and cultural changing in the Fashion System. In fact, the Fashion System had faced with the changing in terms of consumer’s needs, products and professionals, that have consequential changed the strategies to run these factors. 
The course want to dig into these phenomena in order to investigate new business systems, tools and professionals under the lens of one specific fashion product typology, using the design approaches and tools to establish new strategic models.
The course wants to reach the following specific goals:
- Understanding the evolution into the Fashion System in terms of production, product and strategies;
- Learning how to set and build new business model adherent with the current fashion market, close to specific consumers and trends;
- Developing a new fashion product to start or improve a business strategy.
The structure of the course will be dived into theoretical lessons, to set the general and specific frames of the scenario and the peculiar traits of the subjects, and into design workshops, to reveal the relevant possibilities and to build new fashion business.

The course is diveded in 2 modules: Fashion Design Theory and Fashion Design Practice.

The specific topic of this year is "Fashion against Fashion".