CELL CYCLE COURSE  a.a. 2023-2024  1st SEMESTER

The course will be held by Prof. Simona Giunta and Prof. Maria Patrizia Somma 


Subscription is open, no password required, students are strongly recommended to sign up to receive updated information regarding the course.


Starting date: Monday, 2 October 2023,  2:00 p.m.

Planned course termination: Monday,11 December 2023


Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, from 2.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m. 


Lecture hall: Aula SERRA II, CU022 Building, Città Universitaria


Research in the cell cycle field is rapidly progressing in the last few years. Understanding the cell cycle machinery and its controls has far-reaching implications in fundamental vital processes, e.g. cell differentiation, developmental diseases, the molecular bases of regenerative medicine, the onset of genetic instability, the molecular implications of replicative and repair mechanisms in genome editing strategies, the loss of cell cycle regulatory mechanisms in cancer, the design of innovative therapies.  

The Cell Cycle course aims to provide updated molecular knowledge to address these issues. To this purpose the programme will  include two modules:

 1. The molecular bases of the cell cycle and its checkpoints

 2. The mechanisms of cell division and their importance in the origin and therapy of cancer.