This one-semester, in-person class (no online classes, for the time being!) is a translation workshop for second-year magistrale students taking the formidable course taught by Prof. Morbiducci. The aim is to help you polish your translating skills from Italian into English so you can put together your portfolio of translations that the prof. provides, and continue to translate well for whatever you needs are going to be, personally and professionally. English, at the higher spheres, is tricky, my friends!

I, too, provide short, contemporary, fascinating passages, often from our best magazines, like the New Yorker, for you to work on in groups during our class, which is, among other things, often fun! No fun, no party -- I say.

This will involve using padlets online, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.

We will also be looking at interesting issues in translation today.

My exam is (no surprise!) a translation of a brief but sophisticated passage. You need to pass with an 18, but most of you are very good, to go on to Prof. Morbiducci's exam.

If you are NOT a native Italian speaker, you will be writing a composition about that passage and the difficulties of translating it into your language for my exam.

We meet on Tuesday mornings 11-13 in aula 201 and Wednesdays 15-17 in aula 102, both in Marco Polo.

Look forward to working with you! I probably saw quite of few of you in ENG 2 in...19-20? Time flies!!