the LEARNING ACTIVITIES have ended at June 2022. Exam enrolls are still active at Infostud platform.

AIMS: Knowledge of the main biochemical methodologies for the identification and characterization of proteome, and advanced understanding of applications of the differential protein expression determination to molecular biology

PRELIMINARY SKILLS: In-depth knowledge on the chemical structure and on the physicochemical properties of the standard amino acids and of the peptide bond. Basic knowledge on the main separative methodologies and their application inĀ  protein mixture resolution

COURSE SYLLABUS: Module 1: Basics in protein isolation with particular emphasis to the electrophoresis techniques. Principles of mass spectrometry in polypeptide detection and structural characterization. Proteome profiling by bottom-up and top-down approaches. Quantitative Proteomics. Module 2: Expression Proteomics; Comparative Proteomics; Interactomics. Modificomics. Application of proteomics in medicine, genetics, molecular biology, cellular biochemistry.