Learning Objectives:

  • Prevention definition
  • Non communicable disease (NCDs) and Communicable disease (CDs) differences
  • Primary prevention for NCDs:
    focus on atherosclerosis and diabetes
  • How to evaluate studies on risk
    factors and strategies for prevention of NCDs
  • Clinical cases on cardiovascular disease: methodology  [from symptoms to ( possible) diagnosis]
  •  Evidence Based Medicine: Types  of scientific studies and grading

  • PICO to solve clinical cases

  • Prof  Marianna Maranghi  - (PA) – MED/09- Modulo: MED/10

    Suggested textbooks:

    Harrison Principles of Internal Medicine 1

    Clinical case https://accessmedicine.mhmedical.com/

    Teaching methods: Lectures,  interactive clinical cases

    Evaluation methods: osral, clinical case