Ancient Greek History (Ancient Greek and Roman History)

a.a.: 2022/2023 - anno di corso: 1
Settore L-ANT/02 - CFU 12 - Semestre I - Codice 10595681
Note insegnamento: Integrato da 6 CFU


This course is intended as a general introduction to the history of ancient Greece and Greek civilization. After defining the main features of ancient Greeks’ identity as well as the geographical and chronological coordinates of Greek civilization, the main stages of Greek history will be delineated, while insights into individual aspects relating to politics, society, and religion will also be provided. Some fundamental phenomena in the historical development of the Greek world will be analyzed such as the birth of the polis, the introduction of the alphabet, the colonization, and the birth of democracy. Written sources, both literary and epigraphic, will be read and analyzed in class.


This course aims to highlight the geographical and chronological coordinates of Greek civilization and the main stages of ancient Greece’s historical development based especially on the literary and epigraphic evidence. Students will learn how to approach ancient sources and will develop the ability to formulate autonomous judgments. Knowledge of Greek historical and cultural context could be subsequently exploited by students to further deepen their training in Classics and the Humanities more at large.