Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Radio Fundamentals 2021-2022

The course of UWB Radio Fundamentals consists of a 6 credits unit. The aim is to provide advanced knowledge on the UWB wireless communication technology, and its application to the design of advanced wireless systems. The course covers key aspects of UWB systems, ranging from theoretic foundations to application examples. In particular, the following topics will be analyzed:

  • UWB signal, and its features in time and frequency domains
  • Design of a single UWB communication link, including the analysis of achievable performance under the hypothesis of AWGN and multipath channels
  • Network-wide analysis of a UWB network, at PHY and MAC layers
  • Multi-user Interference (MUI) model for UWB signals
  • Ranging and localization capabilities of the UWB technology, in comparison with WiFi technology
  • Pulse shaping of UWB signals
  • Application of UWB in 5G networks: NOMA and TeraHertz communications
  • Experimental platforms: the Decawave DWM-1001 development board