old Condensed Matter II (AY 2020-21)

The course Condensed Matter II deals with techniques and phenomena of solid state physics, caused by the interaction of electrons with other electrons, or external (electric or magnetic) fields. In addition to theory lectures, the course will feature exercises and additional material to link the subjects to current research in condensed matter physics. The exam will be an oral colloquium on all topics covered during both lectures and exercises.

Main topics: One-electron approximation (Hartree, Hartree-Fock and DFT approximations for interacting electrons); Dielectric Screening in metals and insulators; (Transport) and optical response in metals and insulators; Metals and insulators in magnetic fields: paramagnetic and diamagnetic response; Quantum Hall Effect; Magnetic order in metals and insulators.

In order to follow the course, students should have some previous knowledge of basic concepts of solid state physics, covered in Condensed Matter I.


- Girvin-Yang, Modern Condensed Matter Physics, Cambridge University Press (advanced).

- Grosso, Pastori-Parravicini, Solid State Physics, Academic Press (recommended).

- S. Blundell, Magnetism in Condensed Matter, Oxford University Press.

Additional material will be uploaded on the elearning web site.