For whom is this course. This 3 credit course is actually one of the two sections of the course Large Scale Data Management of the Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science the Sapienza Università di Roma. The other section is "Information Integration", lecturer: Maurizio Lenzerini; credit:3.

Prerequisites. A good knowledge of the fundamentals of Programming Structures, Programming Languages, Databases (SQL, relational data model, Entity-Relationship data model, conceptual and logical database design) and Database systems.

Course goals. In one sentence, Big Data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. In particular, Big Data applications deal with huge amounts of data, possibly collected from a huge number of data sources (volume), with highly heterogeneous format (variety), at a very high rate (velocity). This scenario calls for new technologies to be developed, ranging from new data storage mechanisms to new computing frameworks. In this course we will look at several key technologies used in manipulating, storing, and analyzing big data. In particular, we will study architectures for data intensive distributed applications, Data Warehouse solutions, NoSQL storage solutions, including RDF and graph databases.