- MICROWAVES 2021-22 (I segment of III, at 1st Semester), 9-ECTS  course for Master Degree in Electronics Engineering (prof. A. Galli)

Students interested in following the lessons of the 2021/2022 course
(either on site or at distance), which will start from Sep. 27, 2021, are kindly
invited to contact the first of the 3 teachers, prof. A. Galli, via email (alessandro.galli@uniroma1.it),
specifying their first and family name, ID number and institutional
email (...@studenti.uniroma1.it), in order to be listed as
"participants" to the course and get useful further information on
E-learning platform.

The details on the access to the lessons at distance (in streaming) will be provided below, in Section "Annunci".