Histology and Embryology Cl F 2020-21

eLEARNING PAGE OF THE HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY COURSE of the Master Degree Program in Medicine and Surgery in English (CL F)

Description. Histology studies tissues and the correlation between their morphology and function. Therefore, histology is a visual subject and the analysis of images and microscopy slides will be imperative. Histology is not a synonym of microscopic anatomy: while we often refer to a specific tissue, its cells, and its anatomical localization, we determine how tissues are organized, from cells and intercellular substances, in a somewhat abstract way, in order to provide the scholar a reference grid to identify and understand tissues.

Embryology studies the formation and development of an embryo until birth. To this regard, embryology explains the origin of tissues and organs and addresses the mechanisms underlying their formation.

This course deals with normal histology and embryology, but references to pathological conditions will be regularly provided, in order to better understand the causative role of altered morphology to pathology. 

Aim. Upon completing the course, the student will
become acquainted with the relationship between structure and function in adult
tissues and during organogenesis.