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Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery "F" - International Medical School

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Course organisation: coordinators of courses and semesters

Course coordinators Coordinators of semester
 I Semester   I. Quinti 
 Applied pathology IV R.Foà  
Medical-scientific methods:public health G.B. Orsi  
Applied pathology V M.R. Ciardi  
Diseases of the nervous system
A. Berardelli  
Parmacology and Toxicology (II)  F. Nicoletti
 II Semester P. Martelletti 
 Internal medicine and General surgery I P.Martelletti  
Psychiatry and clinical psycology M. Biondi  
 Movement disorders, rheumathology
Dermatology and plastic surgery
Diseass of the sensory organs
Scientific English (V)
A. Costanzo
M. Barbara
J. Osborn
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