IV Year

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Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery "F" - International Medical School

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IV Year

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Course organisation: coordinators of courses and semesters

Course coordinators Coordinators of semester
 I Semester   P. Puddu 
 Applied Medical Scientific Methods (VII) R. Gattuso  
Applied Pathology I F. Fedele  
Applied Pathology II S. Mazzaferro  
Pathological Anatomy and Ass. with Clinical Anatomy (I) C. Giordano  
Scientific English (IV)
II Semester   O. Riggio 
 Applied Medical Scientific Methods (VIII) F. Angelico  
 Pathological Anatomy and Ass. with Clinical Anatomy (II) G. D'Amati  
Applied Pathology III S. Ginanni Corradini  
 Diagnostic Imaging C. Catalano  
 Pharmacology I and Toxicology S. Maccari  
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