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Greetings to students and teachers

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Greetings to students and teachers
by Anja Berger - Monday, 26 May 2014, 12:59 PM

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,

The Student Guide of the Degree Course “F” in Medicine and Surgery serves as an orientation to both, students and teachers, in the complex educational organization of the single cycle degree course in Medicine and Surgery. The implementation of the Reform of the Educational System, that started already with the academic year 2009-2010, has perfected the educational process by realizing a better integration of educational contents especially inside of the integrated courses and a better coordination between ex-cathedra teaching and practical activities. The opinions and potential suggestions by our students, regarding the course organization and the teaching quality, are essential instruments of information and as those highly appreciated. They are of high importance for the correct functioning and the future development of the degree programme. The collection of evaluation questionnaires, declared mandatory for all Italian public universities by the law 370/99, last year has been introduced in its digital form and students can proceed with the compilation in the moment of their online registration for exams. Of course, privacy is guaranteed within the whole process. Our goal is the continuous improvement of the teaching activity in the degree programme, the offered services and its organization. The main part of the information given by the student guide is also available on this website, where all necessary updates and additional information will be published during the course of the academic year. One goal of the degree programme in Medicine and Surgery “F” is inalienable: to train medical doctors that are not only well educated, but also capable by their scientific preparation and professional formation of medicating and taking care of human beings both, in the state of well-being and illness. It is task of a modern European degree programme to maintain the unity of knowledge, linking scientific competences to humanistic skills and to the capability to handle the complex, modern and expensive system of public health. The main interest remains the protection of the human being, its dignity and psycho-physical integrity. Our wish, that we would like to renew with sincerity to all of you, is that we may proceed successfully in this difficult, but inspiring process of knowledge and life.

The Dean

Prof. Eugenio Gaudio


The International Medical School 2020 Project