This is a course for the Master Program in Physics given this year in the 1st semester and part of an integrated program in BIOSYSTEMS, together with courses in BIOCHEMISTRY, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, BIOPHYSICS and THEORETICAL BIOPHYSICS.

Description/Objectives. This course provides a compact introduction to modern computational (in silico, as opposed to in vivo/in vitro) biophysics/biology, in an evolutionary perspective. The expected audience is made of students enrolled in the biosystems and theoretical curricula The style of teaching will be by illustration not by exhaustive demonstration, and requires from the students an active participation, through questions, statements, and written essays. Extensive reference and critical introductions to the literature and to many specialized texts will be offered as a thread for personal study. An effort will be done to locate each topic in a clear reference scheme, useful to prepare the final exam. The objective of this course is, in a nutshell, to narrow the gap between the institutional level of training and that of research. Guest lecturers shall present advanced topics and research programs at the forefront of contemporary research.lines of contemporary research of impact and

Requirements. Enrolled students should have taken the basic courses of the BA program. In particular, basic competence in classical mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium and quantum mechanics is required together with basic programming skills. Biological facts will be discussed as needed.

Evaluation: based on written essays, written tests, home-works and participation to discussions: 40%. Final oral exam: 60%.